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About our Sacred birman Club:






The International Sacred Birman-Club East "I Bi K O" got created by a interest group of breeders of different European citizenship in March  2010.


 The 29th May 2010 there was the first gerneral meeting and the election of the head of the club.

Now we have our general meeting in the break of the yearly Sacred Birman Show.

 Our intention is to popularise more and more the loving character and the great race of Sacred Birman. We also want to cultivate this wonderful race.


In the club we want to be there for each other, to help each other by giving advices and sharing our experiences. That way we want to establish a great communtiy of breeders. 


 Sacred Birman breeders are invited to join  the club the same  as pet lovers are welcome who like the race of Sacred Birman.


Also you can join this club when you love the race of Sacred Birman and want to be in a community of like-minded people or also when you want to aid this club in an active way.  Also being already a member of a member of a another cat-club  isn’t any handicap for joining because  you have to perceive this cat-club as an additional cat-club of the breed of Sacred Birman.


You can expect of us fallowing:


Pet-lovers  find here many addresses of very good breeders of the breed Sacred Birman.

Breeders, as members of this club, can enter their cattery in the directory of cattery at the website and they are also allowed to advertise for their kittens at the kitten site adding the quality of the kittens ( Pet, Breeding or Breeding Show-quality) Therefore a breeder may also find his future queen or stud between these kittens….


 Breeders find here by the one hand like-minded people, by the other hand they can also offer their male as stud  (studservice) at the stud-site and advertise for their kittens at the kitten-site. 


Also when you are looking for a loving pet or as breeder for your future queen or stud you are here at the right place.  Look at  the kitten-site  and you may find the sacred birman cat of your dreams you are looking for there….


You can already read in our online news paper where we will post interesting topics about breeding Sacred Birmans or other interesting topics of Sacred Birmans. .

Every member of this club is invited to share their experiences there and that way we can help each other and be there for each other.


We alsoorganize a Sacred Birman Special Show every year together with any other cat club preferred a FIFe Cat club. That way we want to popularise the breed of Sacred Birman and also we  meet each other in person and get to know each other better and better. This fact may help us to establish a very good community of breeders of the breed Sacred Birman.  . .


 The Sacred Birman Forum here at the website helps us to establish a loving and very good community because there we will meet each other in person. ..

There you can also find a helping corner you may find help and solutions for your problems.  You may also ask us there and when we know the answer to you questions or a help we will do and be there for you….


The membership fee is 15 Euro per annum.


Have I woken your interest? If I have done please fill in the entry form  of the international Sacred Birman-Club East below  and send it as email or to the address below.

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 Address: Internationaler Sacred Birman-Club East

                   Ackerweg 70                                  

                  A:2483 Ebreichsdorf




                 Attention: Instead of (at) set @ at the email-address


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